I am happily remarried since 2012, but was widowed in 2008. There is nothing like the grief one experiences after a life partner passes away. When I lost my first husband, I searched for books and articles addressing this particular loss- I was looking for comfort from others who'd had that experience. There wasn't much. I meet with widows and widowers of all ages, gay and straight, having been in legal marriages or simply committed partnerships... have a conversation, and make a portrait. This process is emotionally satisfying for me, and my sitters as well, as I'm told. My intention is to share their stories with others who might find some comfort and connection.


Second Time Around

In 2008, my husband of 32 years passed away after a long illness. Widowed, I experienced the rollercoaster feelings of grief. In 2009 I tried online dating. The second man I met was Joel, and we immediately felt a bond. I found that I could deeply love this wonderful man, while holding dear the memories of my first husband. We married in 2012.

In Second Time Around, I delight in observing my new husband as he goes about living day to day. Joel and I quickly fell into the routine and ease of a stable married couple, except that we were newlyweds in our 60’s. While our bodies are not as supple and streamlined as they once were and we both come with a lot of baggage, at our ages, it’s no big deal. We both know that life is short, but with love and comfort, we journey through this life enthusiastically.


Building 1

Since 1984, I have lived in Independence Plaza, a residential complex of three 39-story apartment buildings, with attached townhouses. It is located in the Tribeca neighborhood of downtown Manhattan.

Independence Plaza was built in the mid 1970’s as luxury rental housing. It was converted to state subsidized middle-income housing and remained as such until 2004, when a new landlord purchased the complex and removed the state subsidies. Some long-term tenants left, but many remained. Long time tenants were allowed to stay with stabilized rents, thanks to a strong tenants association. New tenants moved in and are paying market rates, for newly refurbished apartments. Each apartment is modernized when the original tenant leaves.

Tribeca has changed over the years and is now considered one of the swankiest neighborhoods in Manhattan, with housing prices to match. Independence Plaza remains as a bastion of diversity within a community.

I live on the 39th floor of “Building 1” – the northernmost of the three 39 story towers. With this series, I photograph my neighbors, original and long term residents, in their apartments. What does it mean to be at home in your multi unit community, your neighborhood, your city?

Brighton Beach

Beach Scenes

I began photographing at local NYC beaches as a palate cleanser between portrait projects. Soon I realized that photographing sandy "street life" was an enjoyable practice. I continue to photograph human interaction at the beach as weather permits.

Party Night

Anita and Paul

Two actors, husband and wife, living together for many years in a New York City apartment complex created and maintained for performing arts professionals. Anita is a cancer survivor, and lost her leg over 30 years ago - but it hasn't and won't stop her from having a full career as an actor, producer, director, teacher, composer and advocate for performers with disabilities. Paul is a gentle yet commanding presence as a person and an actor- with a love for the Detroit Tigers, certain TV series, and the theatre professionals he works with. I visited with them over a number of weeks and captured them in the every day.