With my artistic practice, I explore themes of home,...
With my artistic practice, I explore themes of home, family, community, identity, aging, love, and relationships. Working mostly in color I meet my subjects in the environment where they are most comfortable, often in the home, to tell their stories with authenticity and compassion. At times, I use a lighter touch, occasionally injecting humor, to express intimate feelings about the person being photographed, especially if it’s someone close to me. I am influenced by literary fiction in terms of character development and place description, and I endeavor to create images that touch on human emotions that are recognizable and familiar.

I use two cameras: a Canon DSLR with mainly a 35mm lens, and a Leica Q.

Photo: © 2019 Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano

Awards and Honors

2023 Worldwide Photography Gala Awards,19th Pollux Honorable Mention, Self Portrait series
2021 Critical Mass Top 50, "Widowed"
2021 Worldwide Photography Gala Awards 16th JMCA Honorable Mention, Self Portrait Series
2020 PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, Honorable Mention
2017 Critical Mass Top 50, "Second Time Around"
2017 Baxter Street at CCNY Annual Juried Competition, Honorable Mention
2016 PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, Honourable Mention
2016: Center for Fine Art Photography, Ft. Collins, Colorado: "Portfolio Showcase 9"

Susan Rosenberg Jones

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